Bruce's photo shoot by Katy Docking

28 NOV 22

A few months ago, I shared this posο»Ώt about a branding shoot with my lovely fellow photographer Katy Docking.

Well, knowing she also takes great pictures of dogs, I thought it would be good to ask her to come back for a photo session with my little Bruce, who has just turned 1 year-old. Once again, Katy smashed it!

It was hard to choose my favourites, the photos are just beautiful πŸ’™πŸ˜β€΅

Look how much he's grown 😱

4 months ago, when Katy met him for the first time during our branding shoot 🐢

Now, 1 year-old Bruce 🐴

What I loved about this cute photo shoot was the fact that Katy captured our normal routine; I even forgot she was there at some point! Bruce and I just carried on doing what we normally do while she was taking our photos. The images truly show our great companionship in our natural environment 🐢❀πŸ₯°

Bruce is obsessed with his Frisbee 😍

Katy is also a dog lover like me, and she has the cutest pug called Jack! Go check her Instagram page to see his photos (and more!) 😍

Waiting for my command to eat his treat 😍

Jack 'behind the scenes' πŸ’™

Tired after being a model...

For more info about Katy's work, please visit her website Pet Moments Photography and follow her on Instagram.

I'm so happy I have these memories with me now, thank you so much Katy!